Diagnostics of an injury after natural birth is no longer a problem!

We work on developing ONIRY, a medical device for a 1-minute diagnosis.
Our mission is to make ONIRY available in every delivery room to eliminate the risk of serious, disabling complications resulting from childbirth and allow every woman to enjoy their motherhood in the best quality of life. Then we will solve one of the most intimate problems in women’s lives!

Why are birth injuries such a big global problem?

Pelvic floor muscles injuries
of natural deliveries
Undetection rate
Fecal incontinence after injury
risk of
in the future
Reduction of Quality of Life
Women perceive this problem as an inseparable consequence of childbirth and the price which must pay for having a child

Why are birth injuries such a big global problem?

There is still no suitable method to detect pelvic floor muscles injuries immediately after delivery. There is also no effective way to prevent serious complications from these injuries later in life.

ONIRY solution

We designed and developed ONIRY system based on the latest high-end technology supported by machine learning.

Our clinical-knowledge-based technology detects the problem in 1-minute procedure. 

Easy to perform

Requires a short training session


Does not violate body tissues

Performed by inexperienced staff
High precision

Machine learning support


Quick and simple, 1-minute test available right after delivery

Appropriate problem recognition

Detection of anatomical and functional pathologies

Longterm security
Benefits for doctors/midwives/maternity units
Maternity care algorithm improvement

with a quick, non-invasive diagnosis of pelvic floor muscles injuries

Proper diagnosis

replacing imprecise physical examination with novel AI solution

Service quality improvement

with a new paid procedure

Medical personnel security increase

with an objective and precise tool to detect injury that happened during childbirth

Shortening diagnosis time
Cost reduction
Screening method implementation
Improvement of population's health
Woman’s quality of live same as before the childbirth

Our solution is IP protected

Method to assess pelvic floor muscles injury, and probe and apparatus to implement the method (US20180153462A1)

Priority date: May 27, 2015
Patent granted: Poland (May 14, 2018)
Extension: PCT – US, Canada, European Union 

The ornamental design for medical probes as shown and described

Submitted to EU on 17th of July 2020
Reference number: 008044069
Extended to WIPO Hague application: WIPO101027 (submitted on 17th of January 2021)
Contracting parties: European Union, Canada, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United States of America 

Submitted to EU on 17th of July 2020
Reference number: 008043723

Protection granted
Protection pending
Canadian patent office

OASIS Diagnostics S.A.

is a medical technology company dedicated to advancing the maternity care through introducing novel diagnostic method. We are focusing on the implementation of innovative and clinically-assessed medical device. Our solution overcomes challenges in obstetric standards and improves the quality of women’s life after giving birth.

We gather an interdisciplinary group of experts, visionairies looking into the future, who see what technology means for humanity.

We are inspired by trends, seeking new solutions for the future day.


Katarzyna Borycka, MD, PhD
CEO, President of the Board,
Founder of OASIS Diagnostics SA,
Colorectal surgeon, Scientist and Inventor
Marcel Młyńczak, PhD
COO, CTO, Board Member,
Biomedical Engineer, Data Scientist,
AI specialist, Researcher
Piotr Iwanowski, MD, PhD
Clinical Development Advisor,
Scientific and medical supervision,
Design and management of clinical trials
Beata Kiersnowska
Clinical Research & Regulatory Specialist,
Specialist in certification of medical devices, Auditor, Biomedical Engineer
Maciej Rosoł
Analytic Specialist, Biomedical Engineer,
Master of Science in Electronics (Informatics in Medicine),
Data Scientist, PhD Student
Kacper Korzeniewski
Data Analyst, Biomedical Engineer,
MSc Student of Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology
Gerard Śmiechowicz, MD, MBA
CMO, Sales & Marketing Director,
Experienced Leader in Pharmaceutical Industry,
Business Development Specialist
Edyta Hryniecka, MBA
Expert in financial management, capital investments and building process efficiency