Unveiling New Horizons: further empowering women’s health after natural birth with Polish VC investment

We are excited to share a remarkable milestone on our journey. Q3 2023 has met Oasis in an entirely situation. Vinci S.A. HiTech ASI, a VC fund under the umbrella of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, became a valuable addition to our group of investors providing substantial investment of nearly 14 million Polish Złoty (PLN)!
We are poised to propel our mission forward. This infusion of funds will not only enable us to finalize the product certification within the EU, but also initiate the FDA certification process. We are on track to commence production and introduce our groundbreaking product to the market. Our plans extend to conducting comprehensive clinical investigations that will validate the benefits of integrating the ONIRY early perinatal trauma diagnostic method into clinical practice.
Edyta Hryniecka, CFO, a key figure steering our investor acquisition process, shares, 'In the near future, we will keep you updated on the exciting milestones we achieve as part of our company post-investment strategy implementation.’
Katarzyna Borycka, CEO, expresses her enthusiasm for the ONIRY system, stating, 'Our innovative solution is poised to revolutionize postpartum care. With ONIRY, we will shortly empower healthcare providers worldwide to conduct simple, painless, swift, and precise assessments of pelvic floor muscle health in new mothers.’
Marcel Młyńczak, COO and our technology wizard, adds, 'The vision to unite the power of impedance spectroscopy technology and machine learning with a patented probe can now materialize in an commercial offer with an unprecedented fusion of technological capabilities. Our roadmap includes post-registration clinical investigations to gather the data necessary for public healthcare funding approval, as well as continuous refinement of method performance. This innovation promises to shape the trajectory of Polish and global MedTech advancements.’
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