Second OASIS Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

On May 16-17, 2024, the second OASIS Scientific Advisory Board Meeting was held in Warsaw, Poland, bringing together a distinguished group of experts in obstetrics, urogynaecology, and colorectal surgery from around the world. This unique meeting proved to be an excellent platform for the exchange of pioneering research ideas and creative dialogue between esteemed professionals, yielding new solutions and answers that can translate to benefit for women giving natural (vaginal) childbirth globally.

We were honored to host (in person or remotely): Prof. Antonino Spinelli, Prof. Carlo Ratto, Prof. Stefano Salvatore, Dr. Rita Franco (Italy), Dr. Jan Baekelandt (Belgium), Prof. Adam Dziki, Prof. Mariusz Grzesiak (Poland), Prof. Renaud de Tayrac (France), Dr. Hynek Heřman (Czech Rep.), Dr. Peter Rosenblatt, (US), Dr. Andrea Stuart (Sweden), Prof. Stavros Athanasiou (Greece), Dr. Ruwan Fernando (UK). The working sessions focused on several emerging clinical and scientific issues related to obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASI). Key discussions included the possible scenarios for management of women with a positive ONIRY results post-natural childbirth, indicative of a possible OASI.

The outcomes of these discussions are crucial for the continued development of the ONIRY solution, aiming at improving the safety and quality of life for women giving birth worldwide.

We hope that this unique, long-term collaboration group of international experts will continue to support further innovative solutions in obstetrics and colorectal surgery, within the OASIS Scientific Advisory Board and possibly beyond.

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